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Oneof the most beautiful features of St. Ann’s is the outside Stations of theCross. The Stations of the Cross received its original name from the Via Dolorosaor the “Way of Sorrow” which marked the route that Jesus took to his deaththrough the city of Jerusalem. Pilgrimswho travel to the Holy Land make it a point to pray the Via Dolorosa as part oftheir experience. To the surprise ofmany the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem is literally in the midst of the city. Totake this journey in Jerusalem you begin at the Mount of Olives and proceed tothe Gethsemane which is located in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

In the 14th century the Franciscansformally organized pilgrimage walks so people visiting the Holy Land couldfollow the steps of Jesus and walk with him the Way of his Cross. Devotion tothe Way of the Cross spread to people’s homes and began to appear in parishChurches. Every Church and chapel hasthe Way of the Cross usually in a position that encompasses the entire body ofthe interior of the Church to highlight the pilgrimage nature of thisprayer. As we strive to walk the Way ofJesus the Stations of the Cross allow us to journey with Jesus in hissufferings so we can have hope as we struggle with our sufferings and thesuffering of the world.

At St. Ann’s the Stations are locatedin the midst of the Memorial Walkway. They offer a beautiful and prayerfulsetting for anyone who wishes to mediate on the passion of Jesus.

We invite you to pray these Stationson this website. You will see a pictureof each station as they appear at St. Ann’s. The mediation following each station were written as a kind ofexamination of conscience, using each station as a reason to reflect on our ownfidelity in the way of the cross. These mediations were written and givento us by permission of Fr. Philip Kreilein of the Diocese of Evanston, IN. Fr. Phil shared these with Fr. Jim Price,C.P. the Rector of St. Ann’s during Fr. Jim’s continuing education course in Jerusalemin June of 2010.

We hope that these meditations willallow you to prayerfully reflect on the gift that the Stations of the Cross canbe for us as we strive to walk the Way of Jesus.