Basilica Heating System Fundraiser

Posted by admin - August 3rd, 2018

August 2018,

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s,

Last year you responded so generously to a “special” fundraising drawing to help Saint Ann’s complete the new perimeter
fencing around the property.  A single drawing was sufficient to pay the bill because of your generosity.

I come to you once again asking your “special” generosity.  Our heating system in the Basilica and Shrine Center must be
completely replaced.  Long story short – the 93 year old iron heating pipes in the walls and under the floors are rapidly
disintegrating at a steady pace costing us $20,000. to $30,000. in repair bills each year.  The two boilers are well beyond
their life expectancy and need to be replaced.  The resulting leaks and collapsing pipes have brought about water and gas bills
far exceeding normal expectations.  The project to replace the system will free Saint Ann’s from rusting and collapsing pipes
forever and result in a 30-45% savings on heating costs.

I am asking your generosity to help us accomplish this essential project.  Enclosed are three tickets for our fundraising drawing.
I ask a $5. donation for each ticket. Any donation beyond that would be deeply appreciated.  Our drawing will take place on
Labor Day so please send your tickets and contribution by August’s end.

Once again, my deepest thanks for all of your past generosity.  I am deeply grateful for your continuing help in keeping
Saint Ann’s a special place of faith and devotion.  Through the intercession of Saint. Ann, may God bless you in every way.

In Christ’s Passion,

V. Rev. Richard Burke, C.P.

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