Christmas 2018

Posted by admin - November 23rd, 2018

Advent 2018,

Dear Friends of Saint Ann’s,

Thanksgiving is fresh on our minds.  Each of us is thankful for so very many gifts from God from family and friends to our
companions like St. Ann.

As we move into Advent, our minds are set on the greatest gift of all, the gift of the Lord Jesus, born in all humility of a humble
but powerful mother.  Together they will make the gift of redemption possible and Joseph will surround them with love and
protection from the forces of darkness.  It is Christmas and we are called to prayerful remembering as we focus our energies
on living well today, tomorrow and the next day.

Here at St. Ann’s, our community is keenly aware of how much you and your devotion to St. Ann is a great gift to us.  As we
enter into our Christmas reflection and intensified time of prayer, we invite you to join with us in our gratitude and praise to God.
You are able to become one with us in prayer by filling out the enclosed intention slip and returning it to me with your Christmas
donation to St. Ann’s Monastery and Basilica.  Your intentions will be placed on our altar in our Passionist monastic chapel
where a novena of Masses will be celebrated for you and your intentions from Christmas Day through Wednesday,
January 2, 2019.  We will begin the New Year asking God to continue showering His Divine Providence upon us and our loved
ones throughout the coming year.

I am deeply grateful for all of your past generosity to Saint Ann’s.  Your support is deeply needed and helps us to keep
Saint Ann’s that special place of faith and devotion where countless devotees are able to discover strength, comfort, peace and

Through the intercession of Saint Ann, may God bless you in every way and may your celebration of the birth of Jesus
bring you all the joy and peace that God can give.

In Christ’s Passion,

V. Rev. Richard Burke, C.P.

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