Solemn Novena 2018

Posted by admin - June 16th, 2018

June 2018,

Dear Friends of Saint Ann,

Suddenly, it is summer.  We waited patiently for sunshine and warmer weather and then it was here almost overnight.  Summer
at Saint Ann’s means it is time for the Annual Solemn Novena to Saint Ann.

Preparations are well underway.  Our Passionist preachers: Fr. Don Ware, C.P. and Fr. Michael Rowe, C.P., are prepared to lead
us in prayer and reflection over our ten days from July 17 to July 26 as we prepare to celebrate St. Ann’s Feast Day.  During this
time we bring all of our most pressing needs and intentions to Saint Ann, asking her intercession.  We are especially conscious
of the very many people in our lives that depend on our prayers for their well-being and their special needs.  I invite you to begin
your own novena preparations by remembering all these people and intentions for whom you will be praying this year.  Begin our
prayerfulness together by filling out your enclosed Saint Ann’s Novena intention slip and returning it along with your donation.

I am most grateful for all of your generosity.  I look forward to having you join us daily here at Saint Ann’s Basilica for one of
our Masses and novena devotions.  I’m also enclosing a leaflet of our Novena prayers to Saint Ann so that you can pray along
with us each day.

Saint Ann has watched over and cared for us all in so very many ways.  She never tires of hearing from us.  
Through Her intercession, may God bless you in every way.

In Christ’s Passion,

Very Rev. Richard Burke, C.P.

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